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Looking for the perfect spot to indulge in your love for 20x4 fatbikes ?        Look no further than CLUB 204, located in the North of Amsterdam's bustling NDSM wharf.

Our 400m2 CLUB HOUSE and Workshop is fully equipped with the latest and greatest in 20x4  fatbikes, along with a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff who are always on hand to offer expert advice and assistance.

But Club 204 is not just about bikes - it's also a destination in its own right. The NDSM wharf is a historic and iconic location in Amsterdam, with a rich industrial history that is still very much alive today.

Visitors to CLUB 204 can take in the sights and sounds of this buzzing industrial yard, which is home to a range of creative businesses and artists. Whether you're interested in street art, fashion, or design, there's something for everyone at the NDSM wharf.

And getting to CLUB 204 couldn't be easier by car or by bike and public transport- simply take the 10-minute ferry ride from Central Station and you'll find yourself at the doorstep of the CLUB and Workshop.

So whether you're a seasoned fatbike rider or a curious newbie, come and join us at CLUB 204 and discover the best fatbikes in Amsterdam, all while experiencing the unique and vibrant atmosphere of the NDSM wharf.

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