Urban Drivestyle, an e-bike brand that originated in Europe, was founded by Ossian 

whose inspiration came from the 1970s vintage style.  

In Style

Their electric bikes are designed to combine functionality and fashion, making them the perfect choice for riders who want to make a statement while getting around town.

With Friends & Family

These bikes are designed with practicality, safety, and style in mind, making them the ideal choice for parents who want to ride with their kids.

For Cargo

The cargo options are spacious and can carry up to 80kg, making it ideal for transporting groceries, tools, or even small furniture items.

Urban Drivestyle is an e-bike brand that originated in Europe and was founded by Ossian  in 2016. Inspired by the vintage style of the 1970s, the brand quickly gained popularity with its flagship product, the Unimoke.

The first Unimoke prototype was launched on Indiegogo and raised an impressive $500,000 in just six weeks. In three short years, the brand went from a small garage to a global success with a loyal and strong community. The brand's concept of "For fun, For work, for family" not only satisfies the practical needs of daily life but also inspires a love for urban bike culture. Urban Drivestyle bikes are designed to be cooler, more functional, and more affordable than traditional e-bikes.

In 2023, the SEic team has taken over global brand management, integrating the expertise and DNA of the German industrial design team with Taiwan's world-class technology. Urban Drivestyle is constantly upgrading and optimizing its products, developing new accessories, expanding overseas, and deepening local services. With a commitment to innovative riding experiences, Urban Drivestyle is poised to lead the field of urban cycling for years to come.



3 Years 

Frame Warranty



Service Partner NL

Discover the bikes

Uni Moke 

  • The Uni Moke Classic Black
  • EU Street legal 
  • 20 Ah Lithium battery
  • From € 3.890,00

Uni Moke

  • The Uni Moke Lightning White
  • EU Street legal 
  • 20Ah Lithium   Battery
  • From € 3.890,00

Uni Swing

  • The Uni Swing Classic Black
  • EU Street legal 
  • 20Ah Lithium  Battery
  • From € 3.590,00

Uni Swing

  • The Uni Swing Lightning White
  • EU Street legal 
  • 20Ah Lithium  Battery
  • From € 3.590,00


Urban transportation has been a constant challenge for commuters, especially those living in densely populated cities. Enter the idea of a universal urban vehicle that can do more than all the wheels combined and make people want to sell their cars. The concept is simple yet crazy, but the approach is rigorously pragmatic. Anything that doesn't work gets scrapped. Thin rims and tires that fail at curbs - out with them. 

The vehicle needs to be versatile enough to accommodate different needs such as shopping, going to a barbecue, and taking people with you. The ultimate goal is to create an urban vehicle that can handle any situation with ease, while making commuting and city life more convenient and enjoyable.

UD Accessories

Front Rack

  • UD Front rack 
  • with Motor headlight mount
  • Up to 10KG.
  • For €219,00

Rear Extension

  • UD rear rack extension seat
  • Comfortable passenger seat
  • Up to 50KG.
  • For €179,00

Rear Cargo Rack

  • UD Rear cargo rack f
  • Up to 35KG.
  • For € 199,00

UD Frame Bag

  • UD Frame Bag
  • Lumabag design& production
  • For €189,00

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