ASTONIC E-Rides is the Dutch fatbike manufacture.

With an electic-fatbike from Astonic you experience the ultimate feeling of freedom


For Yourself

Do you crave the feeling of freedom that comes from exploring your wild side? Then you deserve to ride an Astonic e-bike.

For Family

A one-of-a-kind family fatbike that's sure to turn heads and provide countless hours of fun and safe rides for you and your loved ones. 


For Adventure

A gateway to adventure. Whether you're seeking to conquer challenging mountain trails or navigate the urban jungle with ease, Astonic has a bike that will suit your needs.

With a lot of passion, Anneke and Roel embarked on their Astonic adventure in 2019. Roel is no stranger to designing and developing electric vehicles. Anneke's strength lies in customer service and coming up with styles for new models. This combination results in e-bikes that are just a little different and can do more!

The contemporary and fashionable models blend seamlessly into your lifestyle, making you more likely to hop on the bike and leave the car behind. Enjoyment and pleasure are central to the development process. Astonic constantly keep an eye on details and produce high-quality bikes that last for years. Not the cheapest, but the best!

Born out of the desire to inspire, motivate, and create adventure, Astonic is a Dutch brand that focuses on fun for the whole family. Astonic started developing its first model in 2017, which was launched in 2019. It's now 2023, and we're ready to launch new models. Astonic e-bikes are designed to get people of all ages using electric bikes more often. By emphasizing thoughtful design, responsible production techniques, and local involvement, we constantly strive to become the Dutch market leader in high-quality electric bikes with fat tires

Handmade i

the Netherlands

2 Years




Exclusive Service 

Discover the bikes

Earth E250

  • The Earth E250 Signal White
  • EU Street legal 
  • 15 Ah Lithium  Battery
  • 20 ah Upgrade option
  • From €2.999,00

Breeze E250

  • The Breeze E250 Sky Blue
  • EU Street legal 
  • 15 Ah Lithium  Battery
  • 20 ah Upgrade option
  • From €2.990,00

Earth Extended E250

  • The Earth E250 Olive Green
  • EU Street legal 
  • Double seat option
  • Children seat options
  • 15 Ah Lithium  Battery
  • 20 ah Upgrade option
  • From €3199,00

Breeze Special E250

  • The Breeze Special E250 Pink
  • EU Street legal 
  • Children seat options
  • 15 Ah Lithium  Battery
  • 20 ah Upgrade option
  • From €2.990,00


From the design until the bike delivery, Astonic personally produces and assembles all of the Astonic e-fatbikes, which means they know all the ins and outs of our fat-tire bikes.  

Astonic Accessories

Front rack

  • Astonic front rack
  • Up to 15 kg
  • For €159,00

Child seat

  • Astonic Iki Child seat
  • Up to 15 kg
  • from 9 months to 3 years 
  • For €119,00

Custom seat

  • Astonic custom seat
  • Legal second passenger
  • For €659,00

Rear rack

  • Astonic rear rack
  • Up to 30 kg
  • Legal second passenger
  • For €79,00

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